Wednesday, February 24, 2010


  1. In your class, conduct a focus group discussion, with facilitation from your Form Teacher.
  2. Both Chair and Vice-Chair persons will brainstorm and think of creative ways to engage the class to give your their feedback on the following questions during the focus group discussion in your class:
  • In what ways have your learning been engaging so far?
  • What are some things that could be changed so that your learning can be improved?
  • Describe in what ways have relationships with (a) teachers; (b) peers been positive or negative?
  1. Be punctual in the library on 3 March 2010 at 1pm to meet the school principal and vice-principals.
  2. Prepare your class's feedback on the above 3 questions before the session.


  1. We could get them into groups and discuss about the questions. Then, one by one, each group will send one representative to tell the class about their answers.

    We could also get them to put their answers in the comments section of the class blog, and the other class members can also see the answers of the others.

    Darius Low, Chairman of class S1-07

  2. We could use google spread sheet and ask them to put up comments there. We can ask them to do it tomorrow so we don't need to waste time on Monday.

    Adam Tan Class 1-05 V.C

  3. Maybe it would be good to give them a pages document with all the questions and send it back. It can be reliable as it is also fast and there won't be any confusion. Some will do it for the sake of doing it but maybe their idea may become useful to us.

    Ronak Mehta, Class Chairman S1-06

  4. We could organize them into various groups where they are the most comfortable with each other and give them a gigantic piece of paper where they can write down any CONSTRUCTIVE ideas that come into their mind.

  5. 1)We could create a blog page and ask them to comment.
    2) Put them into groups and let them discuss. After a while Chairperson and vice chair-person get into their groups and facilitate with the students and get feedback to share with the board.

  6. We could talk to them and discuss about the questions most likely during Advisory or Character Education period and thus saving time. This way, we can also get feedback from all of them. Perhaps we could also post it on the class blog. A keynote presentation could be useful to talk about it.

  7. We can get the classmates to meet during lunch on one the of short days( probably on Friday) as as most people have a lot of time before their CCAs. If we have some classmates who really hate each other's gut's, then we can have the Chairperson and Vice-chairperson to control 2 smaller groups, with the people who argue a lot in different groups.

    Christian Lim- Chairman of 1-08

  8. Have a small gathering during lunch but there are people in our class that will argue,Kok Yin and Zhang Bo.We will tell them first not to argue,when they really start scolding/argue-in separate them.
    We can have a small discussion during lunch,tell them what the thing we are doing about first,then ask for volunteers.
    After all the comments from them,list them out,the answer that are most people agrees with,that will be the answer.
    This way almost everyone will be able to agree and also discuss.This also improves class bonding.

    Kristin Chai,Vice Chairman of class 1-08

  9. I will post up the three questions on our class blog for them to answer. I can also randomly group them in such a way that one group will respond to one question. A deadline should also be set, so that our classmates will answer the questions quickly.

  10. We can use google spreadsheet to collate all their thoughts and use wordle to find the main points of our classmates.

    We can also group them into groups and let them brainstorm about the 3 question together after we have told them the meaning behind it and let them give their feedback about what has happen.

    Mitchel Goh,Chairman of 104

  11. We can shuffle them up into groups by making the person in the current group with the highest index number to stay in the current group, while the rest will move to another group. They will also have to make sure they do not have the same members as before and have to have new members instead.

    Then, we give them pieces of papers to write down their feedback, then, collect them.

    Chairman of S1-03.